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Bring Order to Your Movie Collection!

The times where the number of movies in personal collections was measured in the dozens are gone. The digital boom of our era increased this number to hundreds and even thousands. How to manage this large number of movies? How to remember that your friend should have returned a movie to you a month ago? How to avoid buying a movie that you already have? All My Movies will help you solve these problems.

Let's look at the process of using this software in detail. The program installer is a usual wizard consisting of a few steps. At first startup, a window appears which explains how you can purchase a license. It also gives important information on how not to lose the movie database. You should not use the sample database for storing your movies because it will be overwritten each time the program is updated or reinstalled. The sample database is only for evaluation purposes. A new database can only be created in the registered version. The license costs $44.95.

All My Movies Main Window Screenshot

When All My Movies is launched, the program displays the tip of the day. Personally, I don't like these "tips of the days" much, but they are easy to disable by removing the tick from the same screen. By default the program opens the demo database, which only has three movies. The most important thing about a program like this is how easy it is to add new movies into the database. You want to add as little information manually as possible, especially if you have a large collection.

There are several ways you can add a new movie into the database. All of them are available in the "Movie" menu. The easiest method is to use the "Movie-Add…" menu item. An empty movie card will appear containing a lot of fields. This may look overwhelming, but the only field you have to fill in is the name of the movie in the "Original title" field and press Enter.

All My Movies Movie Card Screenshot

The program will then try to find it, and all the information about it, in one of the on-line movie databases. In my case this is -- the largest movie database on the Internet. If I wanted to add "Terminator 2" into my collection, all I would have to do would be type "Terminator" in the "Original title" field. The program would find several movies and would prompt me to select the one I would want.

Select the Movie Screenshot

In this example, I would then select the one I would want by double-clicking it and in just a few seconds (depending on the speed of your Internet connection) all the information about the movie, including the DVD cover picture, would be filled in. If I was happy with the result, all I have to do is either hit "OK" or "Next movie" if I wanted to add another. If I was not happy with the result, I could easily get the movie information (like movie synopsis or cast of movie) from another source just by clicking the small button right to the Original title on the movie card and selecting a different on-line database from the pull-down menu. It is even possible to add additional on-line databases by using plug-ins, which can be downloaded from the All My Movies download page

Select Online Database Screenshot

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